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Delta 80

The main features of the Delta 80 computer include: large 8.4" color display, wide and handy keyboard, shape designed to guarantee maximum ergonomics and possibility to connect to data networks (integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, 3G quad-band modem) anywhere and at any time.The version with built-in 3G modem allows user to communicate with a fixed...
Modem 3G 

Navigator LT

NavigatorLT is a guidance monitor with integrated GPS receiver.The Arag Navigation Software makes it possible to maintain a user interface that is the same as Arag monitors.


Monitor Ninja
​It is developed for spraying on turf sport pitches (golf, football, etc.), where it is necessary to use smaller size machines without cabin.The Ninja computer provides a compact and completely watertight solution, suitable for bad weather conditions.Furthermore, it is equipped with a sun visor that, once closed, offers further protection to...

Bravo 400S LT

BRAVO 400S LT is a rate controller with an integrated guidance monitor which manages both liquid and hydraulic functions, without any external ECU.It offers the same functions as Bravo 400S, easy to install and characterized by an excellent price/performance ratio.
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Bravo 400S

Monitor Bravo 400S
Designed to feature the accuracyrequired by the Seletron technology,Bravo 400S can now be adjusted tosuit all field applications, if matched tothe proper electronic control, sensors,actuators and accessories. It can beused as navigator and as computer forthe management of all crop sprayingmachine settings.