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GPS Reciver

Arag range of GPS receivers can rely on both GPS and GLONASS systems, thereby increasing the number of satellites used for calculating the position and enhancing reliability even under difficult conditions and in the presence of obstacles (trees, houses, bridges, etc.)
GPS - Glonas  Omnistar HP/XP  RTK  Inclinometer  Pass to pass accuracy  Absolute accuracy 
   -  -  -  26 cm  1,5 m
   -  Aggiornabile  SI  26 cm  1,5 m
   -  Aggiornabile  SI  -  -
   -  Aggiornabile  -  -  -
   -  Aggiornabile  -  -  -
   SI  SI  Su richiesta  2,5 cm  2,5 cm
 -  -  -  -  -

GPS receiver ATLAS 300

Arag GPS receiver range now features the new Atlas 300, an entry level solution for those who are just approaching Precision Farming.


ATLAS 100 is a GPS speed sensor, which allowsmeasuring the speed of a farming machineduring operation.It can be mounted as an alternative to the wheelsensor, simplifying installation and reducing thepossibilities of failure.It is available in two versions that are differentbecause of the output signal:- signal having a frequency proportional to...