330 #3301162V

Line filters series 330
Line filters series 330 have been designed to be fitted on the
circuits of machines with high delivery flowrate to sections.
The increasing request of high volumes of product to be
distributed led to the creation of a filter on the delivery line
able to work at high pressure values (15 bar) and featuring
large inner passages.
The filter with T6 fork couplings (hence with a 40 mm ND
passage), thanks to the high flowrate of 500 l/min and to
the minimum pressure drop, allows designing circuits with
ball valves of the 853 series for a perfect integration and
maximum compactness and efficiency.
The three operating versions present inside the filter allow
keeping the self-cleaning system active, even in case of
multiple circuits installed on the crop sprayers
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Effective Area Fork Coupling (T)  Screen type 
 160cm2  24.8"sq.inches  T6  Inox 32 mesh
 162cm2  25.1"sq.inches  T6  Inox 50 mesh
 148cm2  22.9"sq.inches  T6  Inox 80 mesh
 135cm2  20.9"sq.inches  T6  Inox 100 mesh