862 - Two-way electrically operated single boom section valve #862A3110

Electric PROPORTIONAL control valve with fork coupling
862 series valves have been designed to be directly inserted onto the boom and allow to easily construct a crop spraying boom.
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Absorption @ 12 V  Flow rate Fork Coupling (T)  MAX Pressure On / Off @ 90°  Power supply voltage 
 0.5 A  60l/min  16US GPM  T3  20bar  290PSI  14 sec.  12 Vdc
 0.5 A  100l/min  26US GPM  T3  20bar  290PSI  14 sec.  12 Vdc
 0.5 A  60l/min  16US GPM  T3  20bar  290PSI  7 sec.  12 Vdc
 0.5 A  100l/min  26US GPM  T3  20bar  290PSI  7 sec.  12 Vdc