Dettaglio Arag at EIMA for a sustainable future

Arag, a company founded in 1976 in Rubiera, Province of Reggio Emilia, a leading manufacturer of spraying accessories and weed control equipment in the precision agriculture sector, is a key player in Bologna at the 2022 EIMA International from November 9 to 13.

"Eima," explains Victor Gottardi, Arag’s managing director, "is an important international showcase that allows us to keep in touch with our customers and with many industry players: this is an event that we traditionally attend and...

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Dettaglio Delta70t monitor
Delta70t is the new Arag touch screen monitor with 7" color screen.

The ergonomically designed monitor allows you to connect to data networks anywhere and anytime.

You can find more information here:
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Dettaglio Compliance Verification Documentation for Industry 4.0

Arag informs that the documentation for the verification of conformity for industry 4.0 is available on the Ynnova website.
This document constitutes a facilitation (therefore a reduction of the cost) to the certification that the final customer will have to do by contacting Eco-Certifications directly.

Here is the link.

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ORION Wide Range flowmeter

Orion WR

The Orion WR flowmeter is a system for measuring a very wide range of flow rates.

The system consists of a diverter valve and two electromagnetic flowmeters with adjacent measuring ranges (e.g. 0.5-10 l/min and 10-200 l/min). The integrated electronics detects the flowrate and operates the valve to select the appropriate channel for the flow rate to be measured.

At EIMA 2021 it also received two prestigious awards: the "Technical Innovation 2020-21", dedicated to devices with characteristics...

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Eima 2022 Technical Innovation Award

Flowtron is a solenoid valve designed for spraying/weeding applications and for liquid fertilizer distribution. FlowTron work with pulse-width modulation (PWM), adjusting the nozzle flow rate and keeping pressure and size of the droplets constant. This ensures perfect product distribution. Technological innovation concerns the double-ring seal, which allows a reduced core movement,  therefore high flow rate, minimal current draw and control accuracy. The valve can be installed in all ARAG...
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Dettaglio New Seletron harnesses

Arag presents the new versions of Seletron harnesses, with connector shells in thermoplastic material and encapsulated with epoxy resin.
This improvement allows to increase the mechanical and chemical resistance of the connection.

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ARAG offers a modular kit to set up nebulization tunnels.
The kit is made up of modular quick coupling fittings, stainless steel pipes, adjustable nozzle holders, specific nozzles for spraying sanitizing products, 12V pump and filters suitable for the chosen module.

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New motor with position indicator

Filling systems
Filling systems equipped with a geared motor with position indicator are now in production, replacing previous versions.
For more technical information click here and visit the dedicated product page
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Dettaglio New Bravo350 series

ARAG is pleased to present the new BRAVO 350 series, with models dedicated to SPRAYER, ORCHARD and MULTIROW

The BRAVO 350 series will replace the BRAVO 300 series, maintaining all its features and presenting additional and updated solutions.

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Dettaglio Bravo350 - Orchard

Bravo 350 Orchard (Direct connection or with IBX100) is the series of computers for the control of all the functions of a modern orchard sprayer.
It features the Detect function and the possibility to manage guards and auxiliary controls.

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Arag is pleased to present specific nozzles for sanitizing and hygienization.

    FLAT FAN        

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