332 - 334 #332374

Manual cleaning mesh filter with scanning system
Manual self-cleaning filters are intended to be used in waste water, even if it contains sand, and in all those cases where a non-stop filtering action is required.
Their special feature is that they can be cleaned without being removed.
Once the filter has reached its max. clogging level, just open the drain valve and turn the handle onto the filter to clean it and restore its original filtering rate.
An inner scanning system sends dirt particles into the tube, thus ensuring longer cleaning intervals.
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Filtering area Screen type 
 G 3"  534cm2  82.8sq.inches  Inox 100/32 mesh
 G 3"  522cm2  80.9sq.inches  Inox 120/32 mesh
 G 3"  486cm2  75.3sq.inches  Inox 150/32 mesh
 G 2"  357cm2  55.3sq.inches  Inox 100/32 mesh
 G 2"  350cm2  54.2sq.inches  Inox 120/32 mesh
 G 2"  326cm2  50.5sq.inches  Inox 150/32 mesh