Bravo350 Direct connection
New version of the bravo 350 with direct connection (no need of the IBX100). Suitable also for orchard sprayers with bulkheads.
The IBX20 TECU control unit allows to manage correctly the IBX100 ISOBUS, when it’s required a connection to an ISOBUS VT
BRAVO 400S LT is the computer integrating all liquid output management and navigation functions for a multi-row sprayer, without using any external ECU. It offers the same functions as BRAVO 400S, and it is easy to install and use thanks to the special software for this type of machine.
Bravo350 Detect
Besides managing all functions of the standard orchard sprayer, Bravo 350S Detect identifies the presence of plants by means of ultrasonic sensors and sprays these plants only, with great savings on chemicals.
Control unit for orchard sprayers
Single handle to select operating positions and pressure. Ergonomic with sliding lever. Equipped with a pressure gauge for pressure reading.